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December 26, 2016

Recently I've been getting almost all my stuffs online because it's just so convenient! On the web, everything is at your fingertips- compare prices, reviews, pictures etc. I used to hate shopping online because online stores used to provide very few information about their products like sizing, fitting, pictures all these kinda stuff, so I always make sure to only get products which provide the measurements of their items to ensure it is what I wanna get!

Ezbuy is one of my all-time favs. I like it because

Firstly, everything is affordable and there is such a large variety. I've shopped with them numerous times and 98% of the time, the items are exactly as portrayed and I am very pleased with them. I buy stuff for travel to clothes to organizing, and there is always something I will find for myself that I need or want.

To make sure what you're getting is what the seller is advertising, on the product page,
make sure to click the link that says "View Original Site".

This will bring you to the Seller's page on Taobao and you can read the reviews posted by others who have bought their stuff. Many a times, I've managed to avoid getting lousy products from certain buyers who sell poor quality items. Also be sure to check the pictures to see how the products look IRL.

Another reason would be the efficient delivery and convenient locations for pickup of your parcels. During non-peak periods, I get them in about a week or two. But considering now is the festive season, order processing is slower. Still, I don't mind because they have excellent customer service and support, I never worry that my parcel will not reach me or feel lost not knowing what to do.

If you would like to try Ezbuy out for yourself, you can get $5 off your first purchase if you are a first-time customer and if you do click on my referral link down below:
When you click on the link, I will get $5 off for myself too so we both get to shop more yayyy
Happy Shopping(:

Note: This post is purely my own opinions and experiences.

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